On-Site Design/Engineering

Elixir Extrusions of Douglas, Georgia has a staff with more than 140 years of experience in die design and die correction/repair. Our talented Engineering Department is available to assist your design engineers with the specifics in extrusion design.

The manufacturing and production process starts with the die design. It is here that the extrusion takes shape and features are built in to reduce weight, simplify assembly, add functionality and minimize finishing costs. We take advantage of the unique benefits of aluminum, in combination with the extrusion process, to make a cost-effective product with optimal performance and an attractive appearance.

To help us understand your needs and requirements and thereby serve you better, the following is a checklist of things to consider when submitting items for quoting or new business:

  • Description or drawings of the part. Talk to us early, before the design is finalized.
  • Specifications to be met; federal specs, military, ASTM, etc.
  • Alloy and temper; if unknown, indicate requirements of strength, corrosion resistance, machinability, finish, weldability, to aid us in making a recommendation.
  • End use length and purchase length.
  • Tolerances; commercial, per drawing, other.
  • Surface finish; mill, anodize, paint, exposed surfaces, etc.
  • Packaging; acceptable maximum and minimum weight per package and shipping and handling requirements.
  • Secondary fabrication requirements; mitering, punching, bending, machining, drilling, product end use, etc.
  • Quantity needed; this order and on an annual basis.
  • Project timeline.
  • Special quality considerations.

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Earl Mullis


Earl has over 34 years in the extrusion industry. His experience in the industry is unprecedented, covering almost every imaginable position including production, running drill press, cutting dies on an EDM machine and programming CNC mills. Earl then utilized his industry knowledge of dies and transitioned into drafting and engineering. Currently, Earl’s role with Elixir is engineering and sales support. These duties include aiding in product design, drafting to their specifications and supporting the customer’s engineering team in product design and development.

Earl is married with five children. He enjoys time with his family.